Wooden product detail

Wooden product detail

Wooden product detail

Wooden products

Construction panels

H2O beams

Wood type Spruce
DIMENSIONS value in mm tolerance in mm
thickness 40 ± 0,6 mm
thickness in the middle 28 ± 1 mm
width 80 + 0,8 mm/-1,2 mm
height 200 ± 2 mm
Length 1,5 m - 6 m
Weight 4,5 kg / m
Humidity 12% +/- 2% on delivery
Surface protection Waterproof colored glaze to ensure watertightness
Norm EN 13377
Minimum order quantity 1 truck (35 m3)

Timber beams H20 with webs produced of coniferous or birch plywood, are manufactured of the highest quality spruce and birch wood with protective caps and reliable joints. The products meet all European standards on quality and safety, including ISO17025 and EN13377.The beam is manufactured applying a high-tech adhesive system, covered with a hydrophobic coating and has stronger moisture resistance to ensure maximum durability and performance.

Other parameters:

  • Glue: Melamine resin-based adhesive, adhesive type I EN 301 – approved for use with load bearing timber components
  • Chord: Made of carefully selected spruce wood; Finger-jointed, solid wood cross-sections, dimensions 80 x 40 mm; Finger-jointed chords; Web-milling on the opposing side of the core (left-sided chord surface); Planned and chamfered to app. 0.4 mm
  • Permissible load: 5 kNm
  • Permissible sideload: 11 kN
  • Moment of resistance: 461 cm3
  • Geometrical moment of inertia: 4613 cm4


  • Durability and safety. Special finger joint over the full length.
  • Extra-strong adhesive bonding.
  • Standard and verified dimensions.
  • High-load capacity over the full length. Self-recovery under load.
  • Shock resistant, water-resistant. Moisture-proof coating.
  • Easy to use. Minimal weight, quick to assemble.
  • Guarantee of the best ratio Price/Performance.
  • Re-use in construction, the beams are easy to store.
  • Ideal for use with the 3-ply board in all types of slab formwork.
Size (m) Weight (kg)
2,50 13.75
2,90 15.95
3.00 16.50
3.30 18.15
3.60 19.80
3.90 21.45
4.50 24.75
5.00 27.50
6.00 33.00


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Currently, the company has an annual turnover of 3.31 million. EUR with an increasing trend. We cooperate closely with more than 10 large companies in the surrounding countries in various fields. We are a company that respects sustainable and renewable resources. We try to behave ecologically and responsibly towards nature, therefore we participate in the development of new technologies in the processing of wood. Today, more than in the past, it is important to take care of the lungs of humanity - forests. By participating in projects that are supposed to reduce the need for wood, we try to contribute to the protection of forests and to the efficiency of the process of using wood in Slovakia and in the world. We hold the FSC certificate as a supplier of FSC materials.


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