Wooden product detail

Wooden product detail

Wooden product detail

Wooden products

Building timber

Construction timber

Wood type spruce, pine, fir
DIMENSIONS thickness in mm width in mm length in mm
Boards 22 - 24 80+ 2 000 - 5 000
Planks 32 - 68 95 - 250 2 000 - 5 000
Squares 80 - 220 80 - 220 3 000 - 6 000
Laths 25,38,48,58 25,38,48,58 2 000 - 5 000
Material modification raw, fresh, dried, sanded or S2S,S4S, anti-stain impregnation (according customer demands)
Minimum order quantity 36 m3 - freshmaterial, 45 m3 - dried material
Notes packing according customer demands


Construction building timber is raw, unplaned and non-dried timber such as boards, planks, laths and prisms. It is most often made from spruce, fir or pine. It is used in shuttering work and roof construction. Building timber C24 is dried, planed construction timber highest quality. C24 lumber is supplied with chamfered edges. You can use it for various construction works: in the construction of trusses, prefabricated wooden houses, etc. It is a suitable material for the construction of gazebos and other smaller wooden buildings.

  • Quality dried wood
  • Excellent strength
  • Higher processing quality
  • Defective wood parts are removed
  • Dimensionally stable timber
  • Wood dried at high temperature


  • Cut according to customer requirements
  • Quick availability
  • It is necessary to count on excessive drying of min. 10 - 15% for trusses
  • Chemical treatment against pests and fungi (soaking)
  • Affordability


  • statically stressed building structures
  • formwork of building structures
  • roofs and roof construction
  • traditional trusses
  • glued admitted panels and boards


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Currently, the company has an annual turnover of 3.31 million. EUR with an increasing trend. We cooperate closely with more than 10 large companies in the surrounding countries in various fields. We are a company that respects sustainable and renewable resources. We try to behave ecologically and responsibly towards nature, therefore we participate in the development of new technologies in the processing of wood. Today, more than in the past, it is important to take care of the lungs of humanity - forests. By participating in projects that are supposed to reduce the need for wood, we try to contribute to the protection of forests and to the efficiency of the process of using wood in Slovakia and in the world. We hold the FSC certificate as a supplier of FSC materials.


Socially responsible company

For several years in a row, we are holders of socially responsible company certificate and a stable Slovak company certificate for companies with more than 20 years of tradition. We had been also announced as creditworthiness company.