Wooden products


Oak / Ash / Beech

Wood type Oak, Ash, Beech
Lenghts of logs 2,10 m - 4,20 m
Diameter in middle 30 cm + till 75 cm
Quality III ABC mix, in case of interest II
Method of calculation Huber or STN/ČTN 480009
Minimal volume 250 m3
  • Lengths of logs – from 2,10 m till 4,20 m, step 100 mm
  • Diameters measure in the middle - from 25 cm+ till 75 cm
  • Quality - III ABC mix, in case of interest from customer also II class and better
  • Measure of volume - according Huber tables or STN/ČTN 480009

We offer logs designed for sawmill and furniture purposes. The minimum amount of consumption is 250 m3.


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General information

Company Profile

Currently, the company has an annual turnover of 3.31 million. EUR with an increasing trend. We cooperate closely with more than 10 large companies in the surrounding countries in various fields. We are a company that respects sustainable and renewable resources. We try to behave ecologically and responsibly towards nature, therefore we participate in the development of new technologies in the processing of wood. Today, more than in the past, it is important to take care of the lungs of humanity - forests. By participating in projects that are supposed to reduce the need for wood, we try to contribute to the protection of forests and to the efficiency of the process of using wood in Slovakia and in the world. We hold the FSC certificate as a supplier of FSC materials.



The company TIMBEX s.r.o. was founded in 1995 as an export company mainly engaged in the export of wooden semi-finished products to various countries of the world. We were one of the first companies to open markets in countries such as Cyprus, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Yemen and North African countries. In these countries, we have established stable contacts and long-term cooperation in various fields. At the same time, we helped our manufacturers penetrate these markets with their products. We have trained our producers how to package, label and qualitatively grade products for these markets.

Over the years, we have also focused on markets in Asia such as South Korea, Vietnam, India, China and Japan. We deliver wood products to these markets, from construction lumber, furniture semi-finished products to finished products. Our suppliers are companies from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus and other Central European countries. According to market requirements, the company exports from 1750 m3 to 2950 m3 of products per month.


Another field in which the company works are marketing studies for foreign companies, who order market studies from us for various food commodities and new technologies. We have been doing these studies for more than 18 years.


Since 2012, we have become a supplier of chipboard cut to size, as well as MDF and HDF for foreign companies. Annually, we make approx. 15,000m3 of these products.


The company holds the FSC certificate, which confirms an ecological approach to renewable resources such as wood. Download the certificate HERE.


The company cooperates in research and implementation of new modern technologies, such as laser engraving and the deployment of robots in the production of the wood industry.

In 2016, our company expanded to include the TIMBEX creative division, which deals with promotional graphics and creative solutions for our clients. Long-term and satisfied clients include e.g. Europapier Slovenko s.r.o., pekneterasy.sk, MPI Consulting,...


Most recently, we expanded our portfolio with the TIMBEX salt division, which deals with the import and distribution of salt and products from the Dead Sea directly from Jordan for the needs of individuals as well as spas, rehabilitation centers, hotels and wellness facilities. Salt and mineral products from the Dead Sea have been helping people with serious skin diseases as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system for centuries. That’s why we are happy that we can bring the Dead Sea and its beneficial effects directly to your home.


Socially responsible company

For several years in a row, we are holders of socially responsible company certificate and a stable Slovak company certificate for companies with more than 20 years of tradition. We had been also announced as creditworthiness company.